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ADP Small Business Grant Entry

Hey lovelies!

Page Ashbury has been entered into the "ADP Small Business Grant Contest". This is a competition that awards start-up companies with innovative and unique business models who can garner support (in the form of votes). The winning business is awarded with $10,000 to fund any up and coming projects that are in the pipelines! Pretty awesome, right?

We've received so much positive feedback from you on our first four products and we're now ready to bring you more! Help us win this contest so we can bring you these products sooner:

  • 4 additions to the Deodorant line (Sage + Sweet Lemon, Lavender + Sandalwood, Neroli + Jasmine, Baking Soda-Free)
  • 4 new Facial Oils (Glow (to treat dull skin), Remedy (to treat acne-prone skin), Youth (to treat wrinkles and age spots), Sensitive (to treat rosacea and sensitivity)

Follow these steps to help Page Ashbury win:

1) Vote for us HERE
2) Share on social media

The green beauty revolution starts here!


Page Ashbury
Page Ashbury


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