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About us



It all started when I began to develop allergies to just about everything under the Sun. I realized that if I wanted to heal, I needed to make small changes in my life. With that mantra in mind, I embarked on the fascinating journey of natural, holistic and organic living. I grew more aware about how I was treating myself, paying close attention to what I was eating and even more to what I was putting on my skin. I took every opportunity to improve my health and minimize my exposure to synthetic chemicals and toxins.


When it came to personal care products, I wasn’t ready to sacrifice performance. I wanted the best of both worlds: purity and efficacy. Frustrated by the lack of premium natural products on the market, I began to do my own research and experimented at home with recipes for custom-made products which I later shared with family and friends. Word spread fast, demand grew rampant and so was born Page Ashbury, a line which unites luxurious personal care with green living.


I ardently believe in the power of botanical extracts and have focused each of my offering around the guiding principle of being a safe alternative to other chemical-laden products on the market. Page Ashbury sources only the highest quality goods to ensure that each formula works instantly to improve the way you look and feel. Each ingredient has a purpose; we don’t use fillers or synthetic preservatives of any kind. Our tested blends are made with the finest natural extracts and cold-pressed plant-based oils to bring you subtle aromas, herbaceous tones and luxurious textures.


I invite you to treat yourself to the Page Ashbury personal care ritual.